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Daryl was raised in the inner city of Cleveland, Oh until high school. He was recruited to play football at Ohio State. He graduated with a degree in Marketing and became the #1 draft choice of the Detroit Lions. He worked for a fortune 500 Company in the off season and they recruited him to leave football and take over the national accounts of Chevrolet and Cadillac. + Read More

Paradigm Shift

We are not in a temporary downturn! The world is changing – are you changing with it?


Daryl Sanders

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Three Volume Series: The Three Life Phases of the Apostle Peter

Volume I: Peter Finds Life


Peter was the most controversial of the disciples. He was the first to speak up and question everything that Jesus said or did. In the process however, Peter discovered the LIFE in Jesus and he learned how to tap into that LIFE – that starts now and goes forever.

Price: $10.95

Volume II: Peter Finds Power


This book looks at every mention of Peter in the book of Acts. We see that he was the first in every major expression of faith possible in the birthing of the early church. He preached the first sermon, healed the first sick person, he baptized new believers into the Holy Spirit…

Price: $10.95

Volume III: Peter Finds Purpose


In the Bible, 1st and 2nd Peter was written by Peter some 35+ years after the resurrection of Jesus. They were written while Peter was in prison and about to die as Jesus had told him he would before the ascension. The books are powerful because they represent the final thoughts of the number one ambassador…

Price: $10.95

WHY? Questions along life’s journey


How God planned to take slaves from Egypt
To rule and reign in the Promised Land

This book gives us a unique insight into the two viewpoints of life that every person experiences as they live their life on earth. It takes the journey of Israel coming out of Egypt and going on their way to the Promised Land and all the WHY’S that happened to them along the way.

Price: $18.95


God the Father

In America something like 40% of the children under 18 have no father living in the home. Over the last 50 years the role of the father has changed substantially even when they are in the home. The point is that most of us don’t really understand the “father’s role” in our lives and are not even sure what it is supposed to look like.

Price: $18.95

Peter All Volumes

Full Set: The Three Life Phases of the Apostle Peter