America is in 4 WARS

The average airport has 5,000 cameras. We are under surveillance 500 times per day. Wall Mart will not buy a product to sell that does not have a RFID radio chip. This chip can disclose our location and even the credit card number used to purchase that item at any time.

We are already under observation and thank God we have not come under the control that is growingly possible now and today. I say this because we need to grasp the fact that forces are in place that can rob us of our individual and group freedoms that have been our world view for over 200 years.

We are naïve to think that we are just going through a difficult time. This depression is not some form of the one we had back in the 30’s. There is a power shift going on the likes of which we have never seen. We think everyone is suffering alike these days. Not so and not by a long shot. This country is more vulnerable to losing its freedom that at any time in history. This country is to be governed by the people and for the people and not some elitists on Wall Street or on Pennsylvania Ave.

There are four major Wars going on in America and the World in 2010. No one is integrating these wars to come forth with plans and decision making models that will enable us to win these wars. We are governing now by response and knee jerk reaction to headlines and people’s “feelings.” We need some thinkers and planners who are proactive and can get a handle on the “REAL CHANGE” that needs to take place in our Country and World.

#1 – The first War to mention is not considered a War at the present time. We don’t have a clue about the real threat that is coming; we just know it is somewhere off in the future so let’s not think about it now. We are completely missing the true adversary that is taking their time and building their country and waiting for us to fall under our own weight of debt. I am sure you know by now I speak of China. The debtor is the servant and beginning with Reagan we started borrowing money from other nations to the extent that we are more than $12 Trillion in debt and it grows daily. Our number one creditor is China and what do we think that means to America?

When England took over Hong Kong, thinking they had won a victory in 1905, the Chinese laughed. The agreement was for England to have control of Hong Kong for 99 years. When the 99 years came up the Chinese received back a wonderful city, with great power and finances and worldwide influence. The Chinese view of the whole thing was that they made a great investment in their adversary. They lost a city for 99 years and gained back something far greater than they ever could have built on their own.

Their history spans over 4500 years and we are less than a tenth of that. Their viewpoint and decision making is based on the long run – read that to mean generational. We think about this week, this quarter. The long run for us is the next election. Their world dominance is certain and only a matter of time unless of course the Second Coming of Christ interferes with it.

We already have cartoons that teach our youngest viewers how to speak Chinese-on every day.

Next week War #2

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