America’s War #2

#2 – The terrorist threat is a War that we are obsessed with. We never talk about War #1 and all we talk about is War #2. Osama is laughing all the way to his next cave. He hit the world trade center and it cost him less than two million dollars. 9 Years later we are spending a million dollars per hour trying to stop the next attack. It affects our thinking and expands our Bureaucratic system exponentially. This war affects our way of “freedom,” and we are not sure where we should draw the line.

It seems inevitable that we will all be less free as time goes on. In fact, our technology is growing so fast that the reality of Big Brother is upon us. The only thing missing is the demagogue to bring it all under control.

Again we are strangled with the mindset of the “Industrial Military Complex” stronghold that has held America hostage since so many found out they can make so much money when we make War. Proof of that power has been demonstrated when Obama decided we had to stay in Afghanistan (duh). Even he went against all of his own instincts. Our American mindset is to throw money after every problem. Just around the corner there is no more money.

So we are “fighting a war with the terrorists” and have no endgame in sight. We are not integrating all the wars we are faced with and no one is talking about overlapping efforts or long term effects on any level. We are living day to day as if there is no tomorrow…

May God have mercy?

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