Facing Forced Change?

Thoughts to take charge and find new opportunities.
– Where do I fit?
So many good people have either been let go or – just as bad – are under the threat of being let go, that discouragement has captured many hearts in America today.

Has discouragement caused you to think that you just don’t fit in anyplace?

It is vital to remember that while things are changing you can change with them. Rather than fear change it is important that we embrace change in this day and age. If you have been working someplace and doing the same job for several years, think back to your co workers and the working environment. Was there another kind of job that interested you?

A great move to make at this juncture is to write a list of all the kinds of jobs you have an interest in doing. Don’t just limit yourself to what you have already done but include what you have an interest to do. Don’t just stop at one or two – make as long a list as you can.
Take a moment to dream a little – imagine yourself on each of these jobs and what it would be like doing each of these jobs that you have an interest in doing. See yourself with new people and at new places and doing new things.
It’s a start!

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