Friends of Fear

The primary friend of fear is doubt. The antidote for doubt is hope. The Bible has an interesting metaphor about doubt. It says “a man who doubts is like a wave and is tossed to and fro with every wind that blows.” It goes on to say that such a man is “unstable in all his ways.” This is why this friend of fear must likewise be dealt with and the key to dealing with it is through hope. One of the great American gifts we all have is the proof around us in everyday life about people finding a way when there did not appear to be a way. We all know others who have gone from the outhouse to the penthouse. We have seen those who were down but now who are up. This should give us courage – we are not in some lowly village where we have never seen anyone get out of the village and succeed. Hope is our friend and faith fosters hope and gives it power to encourage our heart in the time of need.
Lest we think we are talking about mind “games” let us first of all talk about our mind. A great discovery I made some years ago happened when I got sick of thinking about my problems and openly said to myself, “I refuse to think about this any longer!” That day I learned that I could talk to my mind almost as if my mind were another person. We are more than our mind. In fact our “soul” is made up of our mind, will, and emotions. Of course we also have a body, and while some try to deny it we are also a spirit being. We are people of three parts – soul – body – spirit. When a person is being pulled in different directions it is because that person’s “parts” are making sometimes conflicting demands on the decisions being made.
We have all made reference to making “emotional” decisions. That is just what they are when our minds yielded to our emotions and we made a decision that maybe was not logical and maybe was not normally what we would be “willing” to do, but we made it anyway. We call that an emotional decision. In the crunch of everyday living most of us do not stop and analyze our lives and decision making process this carefully – but maybe in times like we are in today we should.
Another friend of fear is holding on to the hurts of the past. In America today we struggle with what I call a “psychobabble” principle that encourages people to go back in the past of their lives and find the root cause (or really try to blame) from a past experience as the reason for my present bad choices or decisions. It is a blame game that is without meaning or legitimacy as a method of healing for the soul. When we go back to the past to find reason to justify wrong behavior we are merely trying to build a case to legitimize dumb things. My wife and I took a helicopter ride over Kauai where they had filmed Jurassic Park. When we got back to the hangar they had a few items to sell. I bought a hat that I like to wear today. On the front is says “Get over it!” This truth will help more people than focusing on some tragic experience in the past and reliving those bad past experiences.
We have all had bad past experiences. And without trying to get into my bad experience was worse than your bad experience suffice it to say that freedom comes when we categorically forgive those who have wronged us. And we have to get over those wrong things done to us and this will bring a new found freedom from bitterness which is the garden for fostering doubt and unbelief.
Hope is not something we can “see” necessarily at the moment. But it is something that we hold onto and expect that there is a way to make it whether we see or feel it or not. Hope says there is a way and that it will come in due time. Of course, as a Christian hope has someone else to hope in meaning that He will bring an answer and He will show a way. Unfortunately the statistics are quite clear, the “spirit person” within each of us gets very little attention. Even in the Christian community the vast majority of Christians do not read their Bible monthly let alone daily. The Bible is a source of truth and life giving principles that are practical and give us life coaching. Many have devalued the relevancy of the Bible by stereotyping it as all about rules and sin. In fact it is more about life and how to find life in the everyday challenges we find ourselves in.
As with fear, cast out all doubt and unbelief about your future and refuse the worry associated with these negative strongholds in our minds.
More next time, God Bless You.

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  1. Brian Mott

    Hi Daryl,

    This was for me today. I have lived right here for months. Sometimes with victory and somedays not – like today. Thank you for helping me with a very stress causing condition that kills all Hope. TC Brian and Thank you!

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