Get Over It!

The present culture in America seems bent on playing the blame game for life’s adversities and wrong choices. We hear that the reason people have broken the law, cheated on their spouse, stole money, or hurt others is because they have been hurt by others at an earlier time in their life and can’t get over it. We seem to be trying to legitimize wrong choices, wrong behavior, and outright wrong thinking. In fact this approach has mitigated penalties in all sorts of situations – from the court room, to the class room, to the locker room, and to the bedroom.
There is a “victim mentality” that has fostered an atmosphere of helps which help has only created a dependency that has no end. When will we learn that help that does not lead to independence is not help? It is actually an enslavement that the “victims” naively cling to. Solutions that create dependence are contrary to every premise this country is founded upon.
We must admit that our method of waging the war on poverty has only created a dependence upon the privileges extended through our misguided welfare system. Our welfare system is an abject failure. Do not read this as against helping the poor. But the State (read that as a world view where the State (government programs) has the solutions to the problems of the people), has never been able to successfully help people to enable them to be supported only while they get on their own two feet.
The State has created a system of dependence that is harmful to those helped and has created a whole mindset whereby those being helped become bitter and demanding. Before someone claims I have a typical white man’s attitude for the poor – be careful, for I am one of which I talk about. Having grown up in the inner city of Cleveland, OH in the 50’s my life was typical of the lower class in America. I have lived without and I have lived with and freedom is the most important privilege in either situation. But, I believe every society has an obligation to help those in need. There needs to be a catch to the help! It must be guided by the principle to not help them stay in need but help them find their way out of need.
I believe helping those in need begins with education. But sadly only 1/3 of both 4th graders and 8th graders tested in 2009 could read at their grade level. America now ranks 18th in the world in education when we had been number one for most of the 20th century. In the common vernacular America is dumbing down and it will be to our hurt and loss unless a revolutionary turn of events takes place. Because I am a Christian I am very sensitive to understanding worldviews. The Islamic Worldview is one of dominance whereby their Sharia Law is to become the law of the land and ultimately requires conversion to Islam or die.
There is a major push in America for the Worldview to become one where the State has the solutions and that the people cannot take care of themselves and make the right decisions. This view has never worked in history and will certainly bankrupt this nation. This view is hiding behind the current problems which are trying to be addressed by what seems like benevolent policies that ultimately will lead to more dependence by the people on the State. The State will run out of money and soon. The forerunner of the national collapse will happen on the state level. Watch the coming collapse to the individual States within this nation. Will the people of Iowa bail out the debt of the people of California? Not for long.
Let’s face it most of us have been choosing the lesser of two perceived evils during every election in the last 30 years. As popular as Reagan was his poll numbers in the last year of office was down below the 40% range of acceptance for the job he was doing. The answer is not in the next election. Each election has gone from bad to worse and the parties are indistinguishable in the actual governing policies and methods. Quite frankly it is amazing how sanctimonious the Republican Party has become since Obama came into office. They spent more money under Bush for welfare and State run programs than any administration in history. Let’s face it the system is broke and we need some new thinking and a change in Worldview to take place – quickly.
What does the discussion about “get over it” have to do with Worldviews? It has everything to do with it. Because if we believe the State is responsible for each individual and that individual is not responsible for himself then the State must step in every time that individual shows his need. If however, our culture would cultivate a view that the individual must take responsibility for his own actions then the individual will be forced to “get over it.” Imagine that the individual would have to find their own way out of those wrong choices or those prejudices they perceive are working against them. Imagine every individual taking responsibility for all of their actions. The run to rehab would no longer take anyone off the hook; each would have to pay for their own crimes and transgressions.
What does a Christian Worldview look like? Well, 65% of our grandparents and great grandparents had a Christian Worldview. While today’s less than 18 generation only 4% have a Christian Worldview. A majority Christian Worldview fostered a creative atmosphere of invention, strong work ethic, and personal responsibility for all actions. It helps those in need but holds responsible those who will not work or contribute. It acknowledges Christ as Lord without forcing His Lordship on any other individual or group. Christianity is based on a personal and individual decision and can never be imposed on the free will of others. But it fosters a view that each person is special and unique and that the common good takes precedence over personal gain. Our government has not for at least 75 years made decisions based on the common good. There has always been an agenda that benefits the few at the expense of the majority.
This is the crisis of today. Decisions are being made based on small group advantages and personal agendas. It does not matter what the current decisions are they will not be in the best interests of the common good and therefore will degrade our freedoms and bankrupt this nation. And too few want to “get over it!” It serves the “State is the answer” Worldview to keep everyone dependent upon the State. People who are not educated will think that their answers lie with the State out of convenience. After all why should I take responsibility if the State will meet my needs? The cry is, “you must help me, because no one else will.” Our simple do-gooder reaction is, “the poor thing we have got to help them.” It is difficult to realize how damaging this kind of attitude is to the very fabric of our society.
May God grant us the gift of repentance that we might turn from our wrong ways?

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