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  1. PARADIGM SHIFT by Daryl T Sanders
    In 1962, Thomas Kuhn wrote the book “The Structure of Scientific Revolution.” In this book from most research sources it is said that he fathered and defined the concept of the “paradigm shift.” He argued that most change is not evolutionary but is rather a “series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions.” He went on to say that these revolutions were one conceptual world view being replaced by another world view. In other words “paradigm shift” is changing from one way of looking at things to another way of looking at things.

    One example might be this: If you are not raised as a Christian but as an agnostic, your view of life would be along the lines of “this life is all there is.” So you might look at life for the benefits of the moment and make decisions that were in your best interests at the time. Then let’s say you found life not working well for you and you looked around and decided to become a Christian. As time went on you would begin to look at life from an eternal perspective. You would begin to think in terms of what would God think about what I am saying or doing or about where I am going? This is a paradigm shift.

    Therefore on a personal level you would undergo “regeneration.” In other words, a new life and a new life perspective of things would take place. This regeneration needs to take place on an individual level as well as on a national level during the current economic war we are facing.

    This nation is undergoing a major shift. As Obama noted we needed change and significant and drastic change. Unfortunately, his change is missing the mark just as George W and the Republican Party missed the mark. And we as individuals also know we need change, but individually we cannot afford to miss the mark because we and those we are responsible for will suffer. Governments don’t suffer – they may not get re elected but suffering does not generally become a part of their experience.

    Many think it is capitalism that does not work. But that is not true. Many think it is socialism that will work. But that is also not true. Before we go much further let’s look back just in the last 60 or so years and look at why things have deteriorated. Capitalism has fostered invention, creative solutions, problem solving skills, and technology advancement like no other system in history. What has happened is the monitoring requirements to keep in check the forces of capitalism virtually disappeared.

    Working for a Fortune 500 company in the 60’s great fear was on all management during the annual audit. Management’s greatest fear was that the auditor would NOT sign off on the audit with the phrase, “followed generally accepted accounting practices” or GAP. This type of accountability is nowhere to be seen today.
    The laws to keep in check one or a few companies from controlling an industry have disappeared. In Southern California in the 60’s there were 35 super market chains. Vonns had purchased the A+P chain and the attorney general made them divest this purchase as it would have restrained fair trade. Although obviously that was a stretch with so much competition but the illustration makes the point. These types of decisions are never reviewed in the runaway economy of the last 30 years.

    Making loans of 105%+ of value with no supporting additional assets is purely and totally ridiculous and bizarre and were impossible merely 20 years ago. The old standard for home ownership was 2 ½ times annual income. Not 10 and 15 times annual income. The assumption that all home values would go up all the time is also a ridiculous and bizarre assumption that no sane person could ever espouse in any market at any time in history.

    So now we are faced with recognizing the need for change and how do we go about it? First of all if your world view is such that you think the State has the answers and the wherewithal to remedy the situation you might do what Obama is doing now. Keep pushing State solutions. The problem here is that there is no successful precedence for these solutions. In fact, the current example is Greece. A society dependent on the solutions of the State does not work.

    Let this NOT be construed as an attack on Obama. Let me quickly say that my purpose is to share and open dialogue about finding solutions that do have a successful precedence. Neither Party currently has the plan or the leadership or the platform to bring to the American public solutions and strategy that will actually work.

    We are in a war. It is not merely a war of ideology between Islam and democracy. Although that war is ever present and just below the surface. But this should guide our thinking as a way to “look at what is happening in our world.” When we are faced with war the first thing we have to do is analyze our strengths and weaknesses. We have to list out our assets and liabilities. Then we have to look at our enemy and do the same. In this case the war is already on so not only do we have to look at assets and liabilities but we have to look at ground lost, what could be next, and what do we have to do to bolster our weaknesses to avoid further loss at this immediate time.

    As most wars are that we experience, the first battle is the battle of the mind. When people come to me and talk about “spiritual warfare” I always tell them the first battleground is between our ears. That is true individually and it is true nationally. So before we start espousing economic solutions to the problems we face we need to have a good old fashioned examination of what is right, what is best for the COMMON GOOD, and how do we keep the interests of the whole society and not favor certain groups. Somewhere along the line we have become so focused on victims that we no longer consider the welfare of the whole society but we spend so much time, effort and money on the few.

    I am NOT against talking about the issues of a few, but quite frankly we have been so obsessed that we are using 80% of time and resources on 20% (or less) of the population. We also need to WAKE UP and quit this insistent rubbish that everything is ok now and the low point is past. I have news for everyone we are on the Titanic and we did hit the glacier and we need to find safety NOW.

    We are being distracted by the obvious and no one is spending any time thinking about and planning for the real problems we as a country and a world are facing. We have devoted so much time and energy and waged so many battles that we have lost sight of the real battles that need to be fought at this time.
    For example, Lynden Johnson declared war in the early 60’s. He called it the War on Poverty. We can safely say that this war has been a lost cause for 50 years. Why? Because we have applied solutions that are not solving the problem because they cannot solve the problem! We have created a culture of dependence on the State that the state has no clue how to minister the changes needed to get people free from this dependence. The experience in America quite clearly shows us that the State has not provided any meaningful solutions to either individual problems or needs nor to even minority group problems or needs. Why then are we espousing State solutions to the economic needs today?

    And herein is the problem with State solutions. It does not teach how to fish it cultivates a dependency on the State to provide the fish. Am I against the poor? Ridiculous accusation – my first suit of clothes was given to me at the age of 18. I was married with $132 in the bank and went to college and had 2 children in college, played football, worked two jobs every vacation period, graduated with a 3 point in 4 years. So poor is not a theory to me it was a 1/3 of my life experience. The key here for me was that I was not a prisoner to “Poor” like we are cultivating today, but rather my focus was getting free from poverty.
    We have several “Wars” going on at the same time. Next week we will outline those wars and begin to discuss their impact on us individually and start to consider steps to take.

    Things are changing fast and the question for the individual is how do I change so that I do not get left behind?

    That we will discuss in the next paper, “Paradigm Shift and Regeneration”

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