Republican Disconnect Part 2

Somewhere along the line the Republican Party took on the world view that numbers are all that matters. I hear daily, how many are poor, how many are on welfare, how high taxes are, how high the debt is, how high the debt will become,how much the government spends on this and that, how many are unemployed and the “numbers list” goes on and on. One would think that money and making money is what life is all about in America.

We are a country of people! “All People are created equal!” Somewhere along the line we decided that this means that all people can be successful, and all people can make money- and lots of it- if they will just work harder. But I found that some not very bright people make a lot of money and many hard working folk are quite poor.

Now those of the “liberal persuasion” might be cheering now, but they should not jump to conclusions as to what is being said here. We all suffer from quick judgments and have lost the desire to “think and discuss.” I am NOT speaking of the two per cent taking care of the rest of us! I am speaking of the need to expand our dialogue to include more than numbers and more than rich and poor.

For example, we are in an educational crisis. Yet, the discussion only talks about money as to either being the problem or the solution. Money has nothing to do with either. The Charter School phenomena has proven that. Giving teachers the power to teach and discipline without lawsuits at every turn would help. Our problems seem centered around our refusal to invest enough power in our teachers to hold students accountable to their efforts and behavior. Teachers and students are people and people need to understand and be held accountable for these efforts and behavior.

We have often heard it said, “just get a job,” to the poor. But what if we incorporated the path for “getting a job,” in our educational system? Is it possible they don’t get a job because they do not understand either how to get one, or the benefits of having a job? They are people and need proper guidance.

We have an immigration problem to be sure. But it is always measured in terms of numbers. They are people and obviously need to be given “people solutions.” Again the problems are centered around money. No one will step up and hold people accountable. When so many benefit financially to keeping the problem as is, no solution will happen.

We have an unemployment problem. But read that many of the possible solutions could be solved with a more focused educational system. Providing jobs happens when small business is in an economy that is facillitating rather than blocking the ability of small business owners through unnecessary paperwork and rules and regulations that mean nothing.

We are supposed to live in the land of the free and home of the brave. Yet at every turn our freedoms are squashed and the brave are harrassed every time they try to do something. Many seem to think that only the government has the solutions. But in reality the bureaucrats have taken over as evidenced in all the latest news – the IRS, the NSA, the ongoing scandals that are talked about but no one pays for.

I would suggest both parties stop and take a breath and quit fighting and look at the in place bureacrats and cut cut cut. Eliminate the paperwork, the rules that mean nothing and let the people live and function and dream.

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