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We have come to look at life in this world strictly from a “political point of view.”  In the USA we are obsessed with the office of President – regardless of who sits in that office.  It is actually funny how wonderful and popular Ronald Regan has become as President in this millennium.  In fact, his approval ratings averaged 52% (and dipped as low as 33%), not exactly overwhelming general social acceptance.

How do Americans view the “Arab Spring?”   Well the truth is the average American has no clue what it is about or what it means. We don’t understand our own political landscape how can we understand the politics of the Mideast?  Now this would not be so bad if our leaders knew what was going on over there then we realize that the NSA, CIA, FBI, nor any other acronym has a clue either. 

We view weather as a political football.  Global Warming is not viewed scientifically but politically.  The sides are chosen based on political agenda.  Oil and Gas has been measured in political terms for a 100 years or so with no end in sight.

It has become evident that the IRS, the Banking system and the Justice system in America are not based on the accepted rules of law, or what is in the Constitution or even what is in the best interests of the people.  Rather, political agenda dictates the responsibilities they carry out.  I have lived through the SEC rules stopping all mergers of competing companies with assets over one million dollars to accepting any merger- regardless of affects on competition.

While politics has captured the hearts and minds of all things human, it may be a good time to consider what other Worldviews there are.  Sooner or later it will be required of all Humanity to consider the Viewpoint of God our Creator.  It is amazing that by denying His existence we think that we can discount His claims on Humankind.  But there is a day of reckoning on the horizon that maybe we should all consider.

He has been providing direction and clues to His existence and purposes throughout human history.  He is motivated by love yet the generally accepted viewpoint of the day refuses to see and acknowledge His claims on humanity.  Mankind started off with a simple rule with the choice to accept the rule or break the rule.  It was of course broken.  Then Mankind lived for hundreds of years with a more comprehensive set of rules and yet no man could ever live up to the requirements of that Law.

So God the Father chose to send His only begotten Son to meet all requirements.  In order to do that He lived as we all live.  He suffered, was tempted, served others, lived in humility, and died and rose again.  He consequently became the provision for all Mankind to be reconciled to our Creator.

By having the Church and Believers be the expression of God on the earth He has made every attempt to reach us and make a way for each of us to be reconciled to Him.  But there has become a greater hardness of heart in the world because of the growing “Political Worldview” that is contrary to His plans and purposes for Mankind.

With this brief summary then we need to consider what is known to be coming our way on this Planet.  These things are coming regardless of who is President, regardless of whether Christians, Muslims or Jews are in office or running any government in any nation on earth.  These things are coming our way because of the general refusal to accept Him and acknowledge His claim on Mankind.  Regardless of Politics, regardless of carbon emissions, regardless of what drives any nation or peoples these catastrophic events are coming:

  • Wars and ongoing wars continually
  • Peace will not ever come to the Nations
  • Economies will be in shambles
  • 25% of people will die on earth via, war, famine and plagues – during a short period of time
  • A great earthquake will result in the Sun appearing black and the moon appearing red.  Every mountain and island will move as a result of the earthquake
  • There will be a time of no wind moving on the earth – thus affecting climates in unheard of ways
  • There will be a hail of fire hit the earth that will cause 1/3 of all trees to die and all grass on earth will burn
  • Something resembling a mountain blazing with fire will hit the oceans and 1/3 of the sea creatures will die, 1/3 of the ships on the oceans will be destroyed
  • A star like body will hit the rivers and 1/3 of potable water will become bitter
  • 1/3 of the Sun will be smitten, 1/3 of the moon, and 1/3 of stars will be darkened
  • The earth will open up and smoke will come pouring out with creatures like locusts that will sting people and make them sick for 5 months
  • There will be another mass killing and 1/3 of men still alive will die
  • Noisome and grievous sores will hit people who are worshipping the reigning world leader
  • Another plague will hit the oceans and the remaining sea creatures will die
  • Rivers will be turned to blood
  • Men will be scorched by the Sun
  • Thunders, earthquakes, the destruction of major cities will happen around the world, and the islands will disappear

There will be throughout each of these events time and opportunity for those living to humble themselves before God and acknowledge His right to demand our turning to Him.  Obviously the pressure will be on Mankind as never before to turn from Man’s political worldview and turning to His Worldview.

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