War #4 Job Loss

War #4 – The War on job loss is a major war to every family in America. With 4 Major Wars going on around us what is a person supposed to do? First, we must stand and believe. This may sound naïve but it is a real position to take. The alternative is to curl up and be afraid. That will only bring misery.

The changing economic times is forcing a reordering of American business. The downsizing of most American companies is here to stay and companies have already learned they can do without much of the downsized labor force. This means that companies will not hire back all those who lost their job even if business gets better. Job loss or lack of opportunity appears to be a real threat to all Americans – and it is.

What kind of jobs will be forthcoming is going to take a major worker paradigm shift to adjust to the new kind of opportunities that will be available. The 40 hour work week model will be gone in more and more industries.

So what is the individual supposed to do about all of this? (We will begin talking about it here but it will be the ongoing subject of this blog.)

The answer is not just waiting for someone to pick you up or give you your job back. My daughter works at a Bank as a data person. With bad weather recently 7 of 15 in her department missed a day. The next day her supervisor said we learned that we don’t need all 15! This will be a common experience.

Now while I have just built a case for the negative outlook in our near future – or a Doom and Gloom outlook – I believe we must face the facts in order to take the action steps that every individual must consider to take. I am an optimist. The motto of Ohio is a quote from the Bible that says “with God all things are possible.” I believe this is true.

While we are on that topic consider that in my parent’s generation 65% of Americans had a “Christian Worldview.” Meaning that they looked at their world through the eyes of people that considered their God as a part of their decision making model. There was at least an attempt to live right and do things that were right and for the common good.

They would not, as a matter of course, decide to do things against known Biblical principles. Today, in the under 18 generation only 4% of them have a Christian Worldview. We can wonder, and rightly so, how much this change in Worldview is either a cause or an effect on all the other changes that are taking place in this day and age.

We must understand that currently the Federal Government is run by those politicians that have a Statist Worldview. Meaning that they think the State has the answers and the solutions for the people. The State is seeking to school children starting at age 4 now – that is their goal. Their Worldview claims they can and should make all health care decisions for us. They can supply jobs, they can take care of the elderly, they can run General Motors, and the list does not end ever for this Worldview. They believe the State can and should do it all for us. The end of that of course is “Big Brother.” With all of the technology we have thus giving the State the power to control our lives daily.

Having said all of that – there is still cause that this is still not the end!

I believe in Hope. I will espouse hope till the day I die. I believe that there is way when we cannot see a way. I don’t care if there are 10 wars we are facing around us there is a way to get through it all. It can be a good thing to just say to God, “I trust in you, and I believe that you will show me the way.”

Till next time…God Bless You

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