War over Money

#3 – War #3 in America is the War over Money. There are 4 Major Wars that America is facing yet no one is integrating them into planned discussions nor even talking about long range solutions. In the Money War -not only have home foreclosures been outrageous, but there is more yet to come with homeowners in 2011 that may be greater than 2009. In addition, we are just around the corner from commercial real estate foreclosures.

Investors are facing the same thing homeowners are facing, declining values eliminating assets. But in addition, commercial investors are faced with greater negative cash flows and the banks are demanding increased investment by these investors – who are not going to- or can’t – pay. This will start coming to a head in coming weeks and months. We will see commercial buildings being bought and sold ten cents on the dollar perhaps yet this year. It is unimaginable that any business would build a new building in this climate.

We have made financial decisions based on the false premise that we can earn enough in the future to cover the spending of the present. It is a false premise and we are faced with the Day of Accountability that must come to every individual and every group and every nation.

We will find in the next ten years that the rich will get much richer, which of course the liberals “say they are against” and believe it is a conservative agenda. When in fact conservative economic values enable the common man to make more money and accomplish more advancement. We have been borrowing against the future starting with Social Security and with every major Governmental help program since. It is clear that if our debts were called in today we could not pay them. A reason for not calling in the debt of course is that we still have the edge in a military war. Wouldn’t that be something if World War 3 started over our refusal – or our inability – to pay our debts?

We should consider the Greece “situation” as a foretaste of what is to come to all western nations without change. The people are uprising because they want more money from the “government” instead of the cutbacks. Who is the “government”? Well oddly enough the “government money” comes from those people and businesses in society that produce wealth. The breaking point comes of course when the requirements of the non productive population outpace the ability of the productive population to provide.

A major thing not talked about much regarding the health care bill is that as a result of this bill there will be 170 new departments formed. This means creating forms, hiring people and creating job descriptions and rules that will be a literal nightmare and will certainly double by the time everything is in place.

Again we are acting like the only thing that matters is today – which we are doing with China, Terrorists, and Money. Yet there is no evidence that anyone is integrating or planning how to wage these “wars” in the long run and yet any one of them can destroy us.

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